We operate in the most important tourist centers in the country and continue to expand. Comfortable boats, specialized activities like fishing, diving and life aboard; Dolphinariums, international ports, marine services, restaurants, accommodation, first class equipment, a highly qualified staff and excellent quality in the services, all that distinguish us.

Varadero Marine

This grand facility is located in the tourist capital of Cuba, right at the end of the peninsula, with a modern fleet of boats and a service of excellence, designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Due to the quality of the services provided and the remaining potentiality, it has become the main nautical center of the beautiful beach of Varadero.

Cayo Santa María Marine

As part of the attractions of the wonderful landscape of north central Cuba, exactly in Cayo "Las Brujas", Villa Clara, this marina is located. Among its main products we can distinguish excursions in catamaran, sunset, diving, boat trips, boat rides, fishing and a dolphinarium with a varied offer.

Cayo Coco Marine

Marinas Gaviota S.A expands its services towards the wonderful island of Cayo Coco, a territory where you can enjoy nautical activities that include excursions in catamarans, seatours, sunset and days of fishing or diving in yachts of high comfort and safety. All offers guarantee open bar and a service where the professionalism of sailors, divers and captains prevail.

Oriente Marine

Located in Bahía de Naranjo, in the eastern province of Holguin. This marine offers products such as catamaran excursions, fishing, diving, sun set, sea tours and Jet Ski tours, among other options. The main product is Cayo Naranjo Aquarium, located in the bay of the same name, one of the most beautiful in our country. For yachting the marine services are in the port of Vita.

María la Gorda IDC

Designed especially for divers, although it is a wonderful option for Eco-tourists and vacationers looking for a quiet and secluded place, the International Diving Center "María la Gorda" is located in the westernmost tip of Cuba, the Guanahacabibes peninsula, in The vicinity of Cabo Corrientes, in the Province of Pinar del Río.

Cabo San Antonio Marine

Located in Cuba’s westernmost province, is the Cabo de San Antonio marine, Marina Gaviota Cabo de San Antonio has been conceived as a point of supply for the boats that sail along these coasts, besides, it offers other services of marine, lodging and fishing excursions, diving and sea tours.

Kike-Kcho Restaurant

Located next to the seafront promenade in marina Varadero, this restaurant blends the incomparable atmosphere of the best beach in Cuba with the vision and scenery of Cuban plastic artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho), a great lover of the sea; thus it is a perfect space where you can enjoy unique flavors and overflowing hospitality.

Photo Event

This contest has become a permanent event here due to the striking landscape that shows the morphology of the seabed of the Guanahacabibes National Park, which together with a proliferating fauna of significant variety of colors and the transparency of its waters during almost all the year, make of this Scenery an unparalleled place for the practice of underwater photography.



Boats and Equipment

We have a modern fleet of Catamarans and multi-sized boats; all built by prestigious shipyards such as Fontaine Pajot and Tajoma, as well as high quality equipment and recognized brands for diving and other specialized activities.



With the development of our marinas, facilities are increasingly being built to meet the most demanding requirements and guarantee the most requested demands by our customers.


Qualified Staff

We have highly qualified personnel that meet all the requirements for the activities that they perform; in addition, they are duly certified by certifiers of recognized international prestige.


Excellence Services

We are involved in processes of continuous improvement and development of our products, certified by international quality standards.



The marinas tour leader. It combines a pleasant sailing trip, exquisite national and marine food, drinks that satisfy the most demanding tastes, Snorkeling moments in multicolored coral reefs, beach times of unbeatable beauties, interaction with dolphins and the professional guide of expert crew members aboard our modern fleet of catamarans. Available in Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco and Oriente.


Calm and warm sea, profuse variety of flora and fauna, are some of the attractions that identify Cuba as a true paradise under the sea, and that’s why Marinas Gaviota, the nautical company of the Gaviota tourism group, invites you to Dive in the big island, always under a protective approach to its marine ecosystems, and discover a magical world that translates into true joy of colors and silent movements. Available in all our marinas.


It is offered in several modalities, among which we can highlight the deep sea fishing, which at the disposal of its followers we have a modern fleet of boats properly equipped and with expert crews with vast experience in the activity. Among the main seasonal species, we have: Barracuda, all year round, Peto and Dorado: from January to April, Tuna and Rabirrubia: March and April, Pargo: May and June, Serrucho: May, June, July and September, Aguja Blanca: May, June, July, September, October and November, Flying Needle: October and November, Castero: May, June and September, Dorado and Tuna: October and November. Available in all our marinas.


As part of the most requested excursions in our marines, our dolphinariums offer the possibility of interacting and sharing unforgettable moments with these mammals of great beauty and incredible intelligence. They also have other attractions, such as show, restaurants, bar and comfortable spaces that will make this stay a permanent memory. Available in Varadero, Cayo Santamaría and Oriente.


An ideal pretext to release tensions and enjoy relaxing nights in the sea accompanied by family or friends, life programs on board, allow you to approach our natural environment, while enjoying unparalleled moments in direct contact with the nature of our coasts. Available at Marina Varadero.


One of the most amazing moments that you can experience in all our marinas, an excursion designed to share moments of beautiful beauty and incomparable colorful aboard our boats, witness the passage from day to night and share it with family, friends or your couple, is an instant that is well worth adding to the set of experiences to live. Available in all our marinas.


Unforgettable experience aboard catamarans that take you to look closely at the natural treasures that hide the waters and the keys of the region. Sailing, open bar, snack, snorkel, beach time and seafood lunch complement a day that is well worth enjoying. Available in all our marinas.




  • "Client's Opinions"

    It was a super and wonderful trip. The music and the Island and an extraordinary crew made it a wonderful and unforgettable trip. We´ll always remember this tour. We were very lucky with the weather, too.

    Thankyou. Your group of Ronaldo. Marina Varadero.
  • "Client's Opinions"

    Overnight stay and private swim. Exelent. Cannot describe that a fantastic feeling it is to interact with two dolphins up close + personal. Dolphins are well looked after and want to play.

    Carole y Allen Hetherington. England. Delfinario Marina Oriente.
  • "Client's Opinions"

    Brilliant day out. Was perfect and excellent service.

    T. Revor. England. Delfinario Marina Oriente.
  • "Client's Opinions"

    It was amazing here, Lizandra was very nice and helpful and all staff from diving center was veery nice and professional. We love it. Thank you. We will recommend this place.

    Anna Bucholc. Poland. Maía la Gorda.
  • "Client's Opinions"

    Excellent tour, beautiful place, beautiful Caribbean place, very delicious drinks. The friendliest crew. We were delighted by the beauty of beautiful Cuba. We will return without hesitation. Swimming in the sea was the best.

    Greetings from Chile. Paola. Marina Varadero.