Diving in Varadero

Our dive center has more than 20 sites where you can appreciate a wide variety of corals and fish. Its main attraction is the Cayo Piedras del Norte Marine Park, the first and only one of its kind in Varadero where you can see sunken ships, artillery pieces and armored transporters that, properly decontaminated, were sunk to form an artificial coral barrier, which printed a touch of exclusivity to this dive center. It has SCUBAPRO equipment for its services, modern boats duly equipped for the activity and instructors with ample experience that complement an excellent service, for beginners as well as for the most demanding experienced.

Diving in Cayo Santa María

Our dive center is located in Cayo Las Brujas, with specialized boats, high standard equipment and a group of instructors with experience and high professional level. The excellent and privileged waters that make up the attractive virgin landscapes of the cays, are of special interest for professional divers and amateurs.

Diving in Cayo Coco

Has more than 40 dive sites and a privileged sea bottom with large coral formations that form part of a 400 km of coral reef, considered the second largest coral reef in the world. The professionalism of instructors and the quality of equipment and boats, become the dives at Marina Gaviota Cayo Coco an unforgettable experience under the sea.

Diving in María la Gorda-Cabo San Antonio

Both areas are among the most protected in the country, María la Gorda with walls of unique beauty and its more than 50 dive sites, and Cabo San Antonio, with large coral formations and abundant fish, offer day and night dives with several departures in the day. Packages of up to 20 dives, introductory SCUBA courses and International ACUC certification courses are also offered.

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